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    Shahid Ansari

    Full Stack Developer

    What are the Dating App Alternatives to Tinder & Bumble in New York?

    In a world full of humans, there are people who still feel alone. If you are one of them who yet is left to find the love of its life, you are not the...

    Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends For 2021

    Do you remember those days when people used keypad phones without the internet and other smart services; the device was only used to make calls and send messages. There was no advanced custom mobile...

    How to do App Store Optimization (ASO) for you new Mobile App?

    We all understand mobile apps as a need for modern daily life issues, and a resource that makes our lives comfortable. In general, it doesn’t take much decision making to download mobile apps for...

    How DevOps Can Save You 80% In Cost Of Deployment?

    As we all know that businesses are moving towards digitalization, and they are trying their best to adopt technology to improve their business practices by driving innovation and advancement. Modern organizations do not wish...

    Why to choose Flutter cross-platform over React Native in 2021?

    Are you also confused in selecting the correct framework for hybrid app development? Eventually, both Facebook and Google have their respective multi-platform app development tools; React Native and Flutter. Both technologies are designed to...

    6 Major Steps to Develop a Mobile App on iOS along with benefits of iOS App Development

    An iOS app development company is a popular resource in today’s world. Every year, thousands of iOS mobile applications are getting listed on the Apple store with an aim to do big in the...

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