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Consulting, Design & Development Services

With experts from Big 3, Big 4 & Global Banks our transformation team has subject matter experts across various industries providing full stack development services.

We partner with you to come up with enterprise grade and scalable solutions.

Our team has deep expertise in Agile & DevOps based delivery in every enterprise app development project.

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Enterprise Development
Leveraging the power of Cloud.





On project kickoff, our design workshops enable transparent delivery planning for custom software development services for mobile apps and web development so that you have a clear strategy and path forward.


Mobile App Development
Native and Hybrid - Mobile apps

We are a Mobile First app development company with expertise in both Native Mobile App Development and Flutter App Development. We help our clients with mobile application development to help them reach the next Billion People.

Mobile app development services require niche skills and expertise with a UX thought process aligned for Mobile apps and devices.

In Native, we focus on iOS app development and Android app development in order to build highly scalable mobile solutions.
In Hybrid, we have expertise in Flutter Development and React Native App Development which are the 2 most promising hybrid frameworks.

We have helped not only startups in mobile app development services, but also 100s of companies with enterprise application development. Irrespective of the type of client, our focus is only on Enterprise Grade solution.

Web & Full Stack
Software Development Services

Build cost effective web applications with scalability and resiliency in mind for your business with well defined APIs, Microservices and Cloud architecture.

Enterprise application development requires deep expertise in DevOps and Agile development practices. Our full stack developers are skilled in multiple technology stacks to provide services in ERP applications, CRM solutions, ecommerce platforms, Financial (FinTech) applications, etc.

Full Stack

Continuous Delivery & DevOps
Continuous Feedback Loop

Be it a mobile application or a web platform including a full fledged backend microservices, every change made by our developers is automatically built, packaged, tested and deployed to a test platform. We use industry best practices of CICD (Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery) to ensure fast feedback and shorter time to market for product releases.

Mobile application changes are automatically tested and made available on Apple Testflight and Google PlayStore Internal test track through an automated CICD pipeline. Apps can be released on the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore at the click of a button.

All the backend microservices are containerised and deployed on a scalable Kubernetes (Google based technology) cluster automatically though a CICD pipeline.

  • Setup
  • Test
  • Build
  • Release
    Android: Build
    IOS: Build
  • Deploy
    Prod: Android
    Prod: ios: Depl...
    z: internal:..
  • Setup
  • Test
  • Build
  • Release
  • Deploy

Agile Delivery
Iterative Product Development

We work in close partnership with our clients to deliver projects using an industry prescribed Agile delivery model. Our operating teams come from top management consulting and fintech institutions. Our consultants engage with clients to structure project backlog and run two weekly iterations also known as sprint cycles. Starting with the design and discovery phase, followed by delivery every fortnight. There are regular standups/status calls that our clients can join as well.

We ensure clear targets (backlogs) are set for every sprint (2 week iteration) and there are tangible deliverables for clients to review at the end of every sprint. Close collaboration, frequent iterations and fast feedback loop ensures complete transparency of delivery process for our clients and no surprises at project completion.

Product Backlog
Sprint Planning
Sprint Backlog
Potentially Shippable
Product Increment

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Frequently Asked Questions.
Do you sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for project discussion?
We value your idea and take utmost care in protecting it. We have a NDA document that safeguards your intellectual rights and can send across based on your requirements. Don’t worry if you have your own format, we can review the same and sign it.
Yes, right from project inception the code will be in a shared code repository that you will have access to and can transparently monitor the regular code changes being made by our developers.
We provide a free 45 to 90 days (depending on project size) of warranty support post release for all our development services projects, if the code is not manipulated by any other third-party. It includes any bug fixes
We work on pure Agile based delivery methodology and believe in high transparency throughout the project. Our Project Manager will have a shared User Story / Requirements Progress board with you where you can track Sprint by Sprint progress. You will also be invited to join our Daily Standup meetings, if you are available as well as Sprint Demo and Planning ceremonies.
We provide end to end web and mobile applications development services which includes multiple technologies. For startups, we generally recommend starting with scalable technologies such as React.js or Angular for Front End, Flutter for Hybrid Mobile app and Node.js & MongoDB for backend services.
We are open to multiple channels for communication and are flexible as per your convenience. We ideally want open discussion channels so platforms like Slack, Skype, Telegram, etc. work well for regular communication. Apart from this, we will also ensure that you have project summaries, deliverables, etc. documented in coordination tools like Trello & JIRA. Any formal communication regarding invoicing, etc. will be sent via formal email channel. Also, we always prefer calls for faster feedback and coordination, so you would be able to call the project manager or even our CEO at any time regarding your project.
We believe in partnering with our clients and ensuring that they are in full control of their assets, not having any dependency on us. We recommend clients to have their own accounts with any industry recognised cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean or any other based on their preference. Similarly clients should own their Apple developer and Google Playstore account, so they can ensure no one can update their application without their consent. Additionally if the project requires payment gateway, sms gateway, mail gateway or any other third-party services then those accounts need to be provided by clients. We will guide you step-by-step on how to get each of these setups.
First step (Sprint 0) of our Agile delivery process is a design and discovery phase with the client, where our product design team works closely together with the client and produces designs, wireframes and clickable prototypes that are made available to our clients to get their feedback and make necessary improvements.
We value your time and resources, and thus follow industry best practices of delivering quality software using CICD (Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery & Devops. To ensure faster delivery we automate all our software build and deployment processes, so that every change made by our developer is directly available without any manual process in test environments for our clients to test. We follow an Agile process of delivery where work is broken down into smaller deliverables that can be delivered every two weeks and allows clients to give feedback every two weeks rather than waiting till the end of the project.
Usually for big projects development cycles run into months if not weeks, and in a fast changing world sometimes it’s important to roll out the product to get real user response as early as possible. In such scenarios we recommend defining the scope of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that can be delivered in a short time span while more features are being added to the full fledged product. This is an industry prescribed best practice as part of the Agile delivery process.
We believe in long term partnerships with all our clients and thus endeavour to deliver a best in class services as per their requirements. We have worked with brands like Kellogg University, BOSE Pro, Innovation for Poverty Actions, UNICEF, etc. and can provide you with contacts at these prestigious organisations to talk about their experience with us.

We Believe in Partnership.
Client Testimonials

Kristy Crabtree

International Rescue Committee, New York

Grey Chain cared about our product, how it was received and the impact we intended. That connection is what sets them apart. It’s a different level of commitment.

Christine Heckman

UNICEF, New York

Great team! Focused delivery. Working on new projects.

Yunyu Liang

Innovation for Poverty Actions, US & Philippines

Very good at understanding our needs, and being flexible to delivery towards our change need.

Peter Garmyn

Belgium Business Group, Brussels

Websites, web portals, Android or iOS applications, they can do every thing and I really recommend this company!

Vishal Srivastav

Bose Professional, SAARC

Delivered high quality for our enterprise.

Sophie Connolly

Basic Science Clinic, Australia

Very easy to communicate, updated regularly on progress. Highly professional team.