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IOT Medical Device Mobile App for integrated controls and OTAs

Grey Chain worked on building a Bluetooth Protocol based mobile app which can interact with the cutting edge Nikki Medical device.

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Background - Nikki Project

Nikki is a wearable health device that emits unique frequencies to treat specific diseases like Lyme disease.

Nikki is a concept by Canadian Health Care innovation company Freemedica Healthcare Technology and has been a partner with Grey Chain to help develop Mobile software solutions as a companion to their Nikki Device.

Need for future proof UX

Freemedica Healthcare Technology needed a partner to not only build a way for mobile phones to control and update its Nikki Devices but they needed a partner to help conceptualize the mobile interface so that it can be future proof for its Phase 2 & 3 plans.

Since Nikki is a healthcare device that can be used by elderly people, one of the key challenges was to have multiple devices controlled by a single mobile of a care giver.

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Nikki app built as companion

Our team at Grey Chain partnered with both Nikki leadership as well as their hardware partners to integrate the device’s BT protocol into the app. With no need of internet, the app Grey Chain built can easily connect to the device and update with new frequencies.

The app also allows the user to pre-download updates and new frequencies when connected to the internet and same update or frequencies can be easily delivered to multiple devices.

The app UX has been built to incorporate future use cases of marketplace for frequencies, etc.

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The Nikki companion app has allowed the client to grow their platform multi-folds with thousands of devices been sold and also after its successful launch, it has allowed the client to grow Nikki in multiple markets including explorations in the European market.

The simplicity of the app has received great reviews from users with a high usability score.

User Experience

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