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IoT Platform for Smart Lights integrated with TUYA

Grey Chain built an integrated IOT platform for Right Light, which allows Smart Bulbs to change their temperature based on the sun outside your house

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Client Requirement

  • Build a platform which makes smart bulbs work in accordance to circadian rhythm, which is known to soothe human eyes and also keep you calm.
  • Client wanted a solution that can in real time track the sun in your local region and then adjust the brightness & temperature of your house lights in near real time
  • In addition to Circadian features, the client also wanted other smart features like timers, manual controls, wake up call and alarms.


Grey Chain built a state of the art cloud solution which interacted with weather & location apis to calculate the position & temperature of the sun so that TUYA APIs can be used via the cloud to set the temperature and brightness of the smart bulbs and lights.

A fully cloud native solution and mobile based app allows Right Light to manage multiple smart devices with no hassle.
We built extensive controls to ensure all features that the user needs exist in one app.

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Key Features

  • Automatically set smart bulbs to work as per circadian rhythm i.e. follow the sun which means if its peak noon, the bulb will be the brightest and warmest.
  • A dynamic animation shows exactly the position of the sun in the day and the moon in the night on the home page. This is synced every 10 milli seconds.
  • Room level groupings, alarms, timers and many other features to ensure that Right Light is a holistic smart lighting solution

User Experience

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