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An end to end gamified cloud storage solution across Web & Mobile

Grey Chain team built an enterprise grade cloud drive solution similar to Google drive but built with gamification in mind.

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Background - SpaceJammit

SpaceJammit is a unique concept and is a brain child of 2 industry experts. SpaceJammit has been conceptualized to offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows for easy upload, storage, and sharing of files of any type and size. Whether you need to collaborate on documents with team members, share large multimedia files with clients, or store personal files securely, SpaceJammit will be able to do it.

Client Challenges

  • Need for enterprise grade platform to handle large multimedia files and parallel processing
  • A solution that can work well on all kinds of devices – mobiles, tablets and PCs.
  • Innovative & Gamified way to experience cloud storage solutions which engages the user
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AWS architects were deployed to build an enterprise class system which can handle GBs of files during the upload process and securely store them and when required make them accessible.

Grey Chain also partnered with SpaceJammit team to build a billing model which allowed limited deductions from Apple & Google on their premium plans.

A multi-gateway strategy was implemented across web and mobile.


User friendly interface allows you to easily upload, store and share
files of any type and size.

Collaborate on the documents with team members, shared large
multimedia files with your clients or store personal files securely.

SpaceJammit offers generous storage options, free and premium
plans with multiple storage options making it suitable for both
personal and business use.

Easily sync files across multiple devices, including desktops,
laptops, smartphones and tablets, making it convenient to access
your files from anywhere, anytime.

Offers features such as file sharing permissions, and file recover
options which provide enhanced flexibility and control over your

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Mobile App Experience

The Web Experience

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