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The Good School App

Capacity building and Data Collection research app and data analysis platform to help schools become Good Schools in remote villages of Uganda

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Client requirements

  • Build easy to use apps for volunteers which resonates with the Good School Theme
  • Have capacity building content for quick access by teachers and volunteers
  • Ability to monitor schools and their practices with captured GPS location
  • Collect on ground data for various provisions at the school.
  • Have real time reporting and dashboards for Raising voices to monitor progress

Client Challenges

  • Manual mechanisms for capturing data¬†
  • No way of verifying of the observer actually went to school
  • Offline access needed as schools were in remote regions
  • Lots of content but difficult to maintain and refer
  • Needed a way to organize data collection and reporting
  • Content needed to be appealing to the audience
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Good School App screens

Good School App - Key Highlights

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Usability & UX

landscape white

UX Design built for school audience - vibrant and happy

camera white

Froggy mascot created for gamification of content and usage. Custom Ugandan uniform designed for Froggy.

place white

Design validated with end users before development

App Features

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Gamified content for capacity building with integrated tests, audios and videos.

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Custom CMS to manage content across the app.

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Tracked data collection platform for easy data collection and offline use.

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Tools & technologies used

  • Flutter based mobile app for ease of maintenance across platforms.
  • MEAN Stack for front end and backend.
  • DevOps & Kubernetes based architecture for ease of scaling & robust security.

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