Detailed Guidance For Creating UI/UX Of Mobile Apps For Your Business : Mobile App Design Ideas

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Every business needs a mobile app to grow and compete in today’s busy business world. A functional mobile app not only attracts an audience, but also supports your business with high revenue. Before we actually build or begin with a mobile app development, we need to first work on the mobile app design. Indeed, it is imperative to plan each part and re-examine what we are going to produce.

After the app design process, we will certainly get a blueprint to start with the development. Mobile app is a necessity of a modern-day business!

What is an effective Mobile App Design Strategy?

Let’s understand this step by step;

STEP- 1: The function of User Testing

In any mobile app design, “User Testing” is termed as the utmost component; we cannot think of a reliable app design without user tests. In the process, an app prototype is used to get the feedback and reviews of the real users. The weak points (if any) are then discovered and the next prototype is made accordingly. It is one of the best and cheap ways to examine the design and app functionalities. Indeed, this helps the developers to make the necessary changes before launching the main company app.

The step certainly assists not only to design a user-friendly UI, but also to provide a favorable UX to the users. If you are not following the user testing system, then you might find challenges after the launch of your mobile application.

How does an app development company in USA & India perform user testing?:

-Thorough internet research
-Surveys, questions and interviews
-Check forums
-Other mediums

The concept is to quickly design a mobile app based on the general UI guidelines and then reshaping it based on the user feedback. The strategy certainly facilitates in saving time, resources and energy.

STEP-2: Involvement of team members

As people say, two brains are better than one. Likewise, an effective mobile app is a combination of multiple talented members. An ideal team can be imagined consisting of a graphic designer, researcher, app developer and marketer. Trust me, it isn’t an easy job to develop an effective mobile app.

Moreover, if you are a manager or owner who himself is proficient in computer programming, we would strongly advise not to use hand on app development. The responsibility will make you overwhelmed and you may lose on your current responsibilities. It needs dedication and complete concentration to complete the mobile app design process. Nevertheless, you can surely review or support an app audit.

The best way to build the mobile app is by hiring the skilled team; the professionals provide the best components for your special app!

STEP- 3: Check out the latest app design and development trends:

We need to accept that technology is rapidly improving. With the growing advancement, it is really hard to say what’s trending in the market. Moreover, with the increasing demand in the app market, the competition among the app developers is also getting tougher. That means, if you are not up to-date with the app designs and development, it will seriously make your work harder.

For instance, Augmented Reality is a function that app developers can use to attract more users. Using the camera sensors available in present-day mobile phones, AR creates an interactive environment by integrating virtual objects around us. A popular game like “Pokemon-Go” is a good example of AR. Now, just imagine the same technology used for other industry apps such as Real Estate, Education, Sports, Tourism, Healthcare etc.

Just like AR, there are other latest technologies that a mobile app developer can implement for a comfortable user experience such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The goal is to use the latest benefits to provide a considerable result which is easily accepted by our brain.

Besides, google owned “Flutter application development services” support the developers to build various platform mobile apps using the same codes.

STEP- 4: Framing User’s requirement:

It is integral to understand that an app full of features is not termed as a good app; we cannot put all other functionalities without any reason there. User-first approach is an effective method to build a usable app for people. That means, every element of your mobile apps such as chat box, contact us form, product page etc. need to be client oriented. In our mind, the end product should be easy to use and practical.

Logically, an app for teenagers, kids, and elder people should accommodate different features, make sense!

So, before we begin with the app design process, we should know;
1) Who is our user?
2) What’s their problems?
3) What’s the solution?
4) What is the goal of the app?

STEP- 5: Understanding science and technique

App design has progressed at a high pace. A true app design adds great value to the clients, than just adding colors, textures and animations. It is a sign of growth and problem solving. Moreover, understanding the science behind the mobile app design and getting positive outcomes is crucial.

A) UX principle importance:

Basically, the term UX was coined in the early 1990’s by Don Norman. The subject is so vast that you can even have a specialized degree.

Some of the famous laws that forms the basics of UX design:
1) Hick’s Law
2) Parkinson’s Law
3) Keep It Simple Stupid Law

B) Consistent Branding:

It is important for businesses to maintain consistency with its branding. For instance, the icons, elements, graphics and fonts should relate with each other.

C) Color Theory:

Designers need to be well aware of the colors that they use in UI. If you ever observed a regular color wheel, you will find 2 distinct halves:
1) Warm colors: Red, Yellow and Orange
2) Cool colors: Blue, Green and similar

Moreover, the opposite colors make an eminent combination such as Blue and Orange, Red and Green, and others.

D) Minimize User Load:

It is intrinsic for UI-UX app designers to make the job easy for the users. For instance, the design is created such a way that users get all the information in one page. That means, the users don’t have to navigate between different options to get the results. The call-to-action must be present on the same page to make quick decisions.

Moreover, there should not be any inappropriate texts or elements available; that will only make the interface heavy, and consume users’ time to go through them.

STEP- 6: Perfect in-app design

A perfect app design introduces the benefits from the beginning; the users get a glimpse of what they are going to receive. It is imperative to concentrate on every aspect of the in-app design; both filled and empty space.

Besides, the design should contain a thumb-oriented layout. The modern-day smartphones are big in size with people using their thumb for making selections. Hence, call-to-actions and tap targeted areas should be designed accordingly; so that the thumb can reach the selections naturally.

Similarly, sensitive selections like deletion and payment approvals can be put on the upper side of the screen; as it is hard to reach that area with normal grip.

STEP- 7: Develop future proof design:

Change is certain and positive in every industry. Likewise, every app and website needs to revamp as per the change in company policy, and new services and products introduced.

So are you going to build the app again from scratch? Certainly not!

Consequently, it is effective to use a flexible UI to cater new changes in the app in the future, to keep adding value to the users.

All-inclusively, these are 7 major app design process steps to come up with a reliable output.

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