8 Tips To Create Successful Mobile Applications For Your Startups

Tips for app development
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Mobile app market is tremendously growing as people rely more on the mobile apps than looking for results in big computer screens. With mobile applications, we can connect with our loved ones, stay updated with current affairs, use it for entertainment and do much more. As reported, there are around 2.7 billions smartphone users in the world.

With the surge of mobile apps, the competition for mobile application is also rising. There are millions of mobile apps available on app stores, but are they all worthwhile and popular?

Countless applications remain unused on the app stores; due to no need or poor quality.

So, what makes a Mobile App Successful?


A successful app consists of three elements: market, user and product. The combination of these elements provide a special value, eminent performance and precise usability. Moreover, your phone application must have reliable features. Generally, app features can be categorized into 2 parts: client centric and business centric.

Client-centric features:

  • Fresh design
  • Effective UI and UX
  • Reliable and trusty
  • Data protection
  • Help and support

Business centric features:

  • Enhanced user retention
  • Agile payment option
  • Prevent cyber attacks
  • Easy update
  • Low maintenance cost

Effective Tips to Develop Mobile Applications

[1] Know Your Audience:

To build a successful phone application, you must know the people who are going to use it; this is where you will begin. Before you start with your mobile app development, you must know what the users need. The goal should be to deliver the required services to the consumers. Hence, more people will connect with the mobile app.

Check insights and statistics, review the trend, follow forums, and collect the useful information about your audience!

[2] Offer Value:

Once you know what your audience needs, now you should design the app features. Check how our app development services in USA can add value to users. It does not need to be high tech or full of different services; remember that even a gaming app adds value to its users in terms of relaxation. The objective is to keep your audience motivated so that they get the app and use it.

The value can be anything such as expedite process, low price, unique features etc. It is a combination of consumer need, business motive and advanced technology. Be sure that it should be useful or fun, and it may serve more than one benefit.

[3] Effective Business Model:

It is crucial to understand your business model. That means, how your mobile app operates. For instance, you may have in-app advertisements which generate a good amount of money. However, there are different app types with unlike goals; so you may choose your business model according to your audience and services.

For quick services, irrelevant ads may force the users to quit your app, be cautious!

[4] Adopt Correct Technology:

It is really important how you create a mobile web application. There are different technologies to create an app, and it is imperative to choose the correct one. Generally, there are 3 main types:

A. Platform oriented native apps:
Native apps are designed for a particular platform i.e. Android or iOS. The coding used to prepare the app works with only one mobile platform..

B. Cross platform Native apps:
These apps are developed using the SDK (Software Development Kit) approach. Flutter apps is a popular technology used for cross platform app development. It is termed as cost-effective when it comes to develop apps for multiple devices.

C. Hybrid apps:
The modern or hybrid apps are used as a hassle-free app development technology. The developer uses one development code for different operating systems and devices. Nevertheless, it may miss some of the native app component advantages.

[5] Basic design and intuitive UX/UI:

Still, design is the utmost reason behind the success of any app: applicable for both B2B and B2C applications. A basic design facilitates the users to understand different features, and give them a reason to stick with your app. Additionally, the easy-to-use features allow to connect with different aged group people. Moreover, if there is any in-app purchase, make it simple; this will certainly improve the conversion rate.

[6] App safety:

This is very crucial. We cannot think of building a mobile app ignoring the security aspect. A mobile phone contains various sensitive information (personal data, banking, pictures, contacts etc.), and an unsafe mobile app brings real threat to our information. Hence, a developer or a mobile development company can follow certain security checks to ensure safety to its users.

Important Safety Checks:

  • Well-encrypted system for API communication, database and cache.
  • Proper execution of communication standards; HTTPs certificate pinning.
  • Proper token validation (each assign to every device)
  • Proper cryptographic key management
  • Other general security checks

[7] Third-Party Integration:

This is another technique to enrich your mobile app with various successful features. For instance, if your mobile app development includes a navigation feature and use “Google Maps,” it will certainly improve the user experience. It is a wise decision to use the outside integration as it saves our resources. Besides, the ad-on enhances the app credibility and supports user retention.

Remember not to overwhelm the apps with third-party integrations; sometimes it becomes challenging to manage them.

[8] Regular Check & Updates:

It is not just creating an app, but also to timely monitor and upgrade the benefits for your users. We need to agree that there are innovative apps coming to the app stores every month; hence, it is difficult to be users’ first choice with the old app features.

Moreover, from a security aspect, we need to regularly come up with app updates to resolve bugs as found or reported by the app users.

Modern-day Mobile App Development Services:

Mobile app development is not only a concern limited to certified engineers. If you are an owner, businessman, manager, marketing individual or designer, you can also use the opportunity and develop your mobile application. You only need a creative app idea, which would be transformed with the help of your software development partner.

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