How to get free downloads for your app?

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Made an app? but worried about getting downloads without spending a lot.

You can get hundreds and thousands of app downloads within a few weeks of your app launch by following the below methods.

How do we know if these methods work?

We have used these methods to get downloads for our own and clients apps organically, check these apps below:

Indian Rojgar / Sarkari Naukri App – 470,000+ Downloads in 8 months with daily organic downloads of 4000+ users with ZERO spent on promotions or marketing.

QuikCatalog – 30,000+ Downloads in 5 months with 2,00,000+ eCommerce products uploaded by users with ZERO spent on promotions or sales.

These are our top 5 ways to get app downloads:

  1. App Store Optimization (ASO) – ASO is the technique of optimizing your app store listing in such a way that users discover your apps when they are searching and browsing through the app stores. You might have heard about SEO (Search engine optimization) which is done to get websites get ranked on Google and other search engines, ASO is a similar technique but used for the app stores.

To understand ASO, lets look at the top apps on the Google Playstore.

Here is an example: PAYTM

PAYTM is India’s No. 1 Mobile wallet, what do you think would be the name of the app: PAYTM??

NO, its called “Recharge, Payments, QR Scanner, UPI, Bank Account”. Don’t believe us, see this:

There are a lot of learning in just this one screenshot:

  • App Name in Listing: Look at the app name, it says Recharge, Payments, QR Scanner, UPI, Bank Account. These are the top searched use cases for the app and hence has been given that name.
  • Account Name: Here they use “PayTM – One97 Communications Ltd.” instead of “One97 Communications” which is the actual company name. This is done so that when somebody searches for PayTM, then this app appears in the search.
  • Category: Ensure your app is always in the right business category.

Additional factor that impacts your ranking is the app description.. Please read the PayTM app description as well and see the careful use of the word “PayTM” in the description.

Google punishes unnecessary repeating of the app name in the description, but if your description is meaningful and you have integrated the app name in the explanation of the app, then Google is happy to pick it up from your description.

Needless to say, complete screenshots for your app and a good logo will also ensure that the user stops at your app in the listing while browsing.

  1. App Reviews and Ratings – Your app rating greatly impacts your ranking in store search results. Build a product that your users love and get good ratings.

Please DONOT buy fake reviews and ratings as sooner or later it will cause problems.

Its important to constantly update your app based on user feedback and also get your reviewers informed by replying to them via the app dashboard.

  1. App Website – Even though you might just have an app, but its always good to have a single or multipage Search Engine Optimized website to promote your app. The page should explain the app well to your user and will also be a good place for someone looking for you to find you on Google Search.

If you do not wish to spend a lot of money, you can find 100s of wordpress themes for single page app websites.

  1. App Referrals – Build an incentive model in your app to reward users for inviting others. When a known person recommends you an app or a product, you consider it good and referrals work in a similar way.

You can set a simple reward in the app, when someone sends an invite to his known friend or family member. As soon as the family member joins, the original user can be rewarded automatically.

Referrals work on the principle of Trust and trust is the best method to grow organically.

  1. Keep Optimizing Your App and ASO – Remember its important to keep updating your app to ensure it is compatible with new devices and iOS and Android versions. It is also important that you review your App store listing every month from an ASO perspective to ensure you have optimized it based on the latest keywords.

Hope you find these techniques useful and apply it to your app. Let us know if you need any help, we are happy to provide a free consultation.