Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends For 2021

Top app development trends
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Do you remember those days when people used keypad phones without the internet and other smart services; the device was only used to make calls and send messages. There was no advanced custom mobile app development. Yeah, it seemed to be boring for the young generation, but it was the life of mobile phones then.

With the introduction of smartphones, the industry has come a long way, and technology is taking it one step ahead each year. In the modern era, mobile app development services play a major role to generate revenue for companies. Likewise, for young developers and companies, it is imperative to stay connected with the industry to understand the app development trends. Otherwise, you will end up using the old techniques and regret it later.

Grey Chain Technology is a renowned web and mobile app development company. We not only encourage technology and app development for profit-making but also share useful resources with our clients and young developers so that they can effectively understand it too. The motive is to connect everyone with the digital world and provide them with the benefits.

In today’s blog, we have come up with the top mobile app development trends in 2021. The information will certainly assist you in lowering your development cost, reducing development time, building productive apps and much more.

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Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends in 2021:

1. Flutter is taking over the hybrid mobile app development framework:

Nowadays, hybrid mobile apps are gaining more popularity than native apps. That means, app developers don’t use different programming languages but use the same codes for iOS and android application development. From the recent past, Facebook’s React Native technology was trending, but after the introduction of Google’s Flutter 2.0, things have changed. Flutter has tremendously improved UI, performance, firebase support and other benefits.

If you are looking for cross-platform development services, it is the perfect time to switch to the flutter mobile app development!

2. 3D UI elements are making a comeback over flat material UI:

Positively, 3D illustrations will come back in 2021 (already in). Besides, with the help of 3D tools, it has become even easier for designers to build something in 3D. The interface is widely being used in big-screen animations. Apart from this, the combination of glass morphism takes the design to another level. Hence, 3D UI with blurred and vivid colours is ruling the industry and will stay in the near future.

3. Augmented Reality is playing a key role in visualizing products:

As reported in 2020, there were around 600 million active AR devices, which would certainly grow in the coming years. The technology is being adopted and favoured by worldwide users. In the last decade, we observed smart glasses as a widely used AR product. Likewise, we can expect more mobile-app based AR products in the upcoming years.

Consequently, we can notice the impact of AR in Education, Amusement park rides, LiDAR technology and other streams.

4. Audio-based interaction mobile apps:

After post success of Clubhouse, the audio-only social media app, companies are turning their way to the newly adopted innovative technology. The mobile app assists in live discussion and joining voice chat rooms by allowing users to participate by listening or speaking only (no video involved). The services encourage audio conference (calls and teleconference) among people located at different locations; the goal is to connect them and bring ease in communication.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

AI/ML is playing a major role in the content recommendation and cross-selling products on mobile apps. Innovations like Apple’s Siri, Google assistant and Replica are some of the powerful and widely used AI segments that we have seen till now. Likewise, tech companies can gradually introduce AI and ML in the agriculture, banking and healthcare sector. These are human behaviour learning approaches to understand our living and dispense improved products and services.

We can already perceive how chatbots are bringing a change in customer service for many companies; a lot more to come in the future!

6. OTP based login is now preferred over making users remember passwords

With the growing cyber attacks, users won’t find it convenient to share their details on third-party apps. Many cybersecurity firms have also informed users not to save card or banking details on any platform. Besides, it becomes smooth for hackers to access users’ credentials once they get into any company’s server. Even worse is when the user had the same credential for his email and other accounts; a serious fear for users.

Organizations like Marriott (hotel chain) and many others have already started OTP based login (no password required), to add an extra security layer. The trend will certainly become general in the near time.

7. App data privacy will become the key focus for Apple and Google against abuse

We all know how businesses rapidly shifted to digitalization after the pandemic, and the transition brought some challenges to app privacy. Similarly, Apple has stated about the user tracking permission to create transparency among users. Hence, developers are required to take users’ consent to track their location. This would be implemented by the end of 2021. Likewise, we can experience the same from Google. Other app privacy implementation includes:

  • Zero-trust architecture
  • Cybersecurity implementation due to increase in cloud adoption
  • Precise user control on app data

8. Specific LGBTQ and other marginalized communities apps:

Positively, these special members are getting specific digital advancements to connect, network and socialize with their community. For instance, the Salam app connects local Muslims in your area for activism. Likewise, to boost their confidence, providing education and other assistance, NGOs and tech companies are supporting them using innovation. Community-based apps and development are more likely to grow!

9. Dating apps tendency:

There is no surprise to see people engaging with others over social media apps. People feel more confident when they interact via digital platforms, so as for dating. Amidst COVID-19, dating apps have found a surge to find love rather than meeting face to face. The different app filter options assist to connect with the right audience and take the first step for their relationship.

The scope of forthcoming dating apps is demanding.

10. Enterprise is Adopting Mobile to Enable its Remote Workforce:

The pandemic has given birth to many innovations, and at the same time, it has led enterprises to think out of the box. Employees not allowed with mobile devices and under strict surveillance in the office are now working from home using their own devices. As recorded, more than 50% of the managers are in favour of Work-From-Home culture. Similarly, around 70% of the IT leaders are positive about remote work.

Enterprise mobile apps have sustained a push in the digital transformation!

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With the help of modern tools and technology, every organization can easily bear the cost of mobile app development and develop it at a much lesser cost with less development time.

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