5 Reasons Why Should You Need UI Path in 2021?

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For the past some time, the IT industry has observed Ui Path technology to come up with some product innovation that helps the overall organizational operations. And now, the testing of the RPA solutions has proved to be a required tool for businesses. Besides, organization restructuring due to the pandemic and work-from-home has driven the automated systems.

With the growing popularity, more businesses are adopting the technology and finding ways to avail it for their business growth. Indeed, low code applications or apps with minimal codes are winning more hearts in the industry. Ui Path, the web-based automation technology facilitates enterprise with various repetitive work; from monotonous data entry to multi-step automation business process.

UI Path technology: A popular and growing RPA software

The growth of Ui Path can be estimated from the company’s S-1 that is filed in March 2021, to enter the New York Stock Exchange. The popular RPA service is expected to generate around USD 1 billion.

As reported by Gartner, the current RPA market is approx. USD 1.9 billion. Similarly, Ui Path service has grown its revenue to more than USD 600 million in 2020, which was USD 336 million in 2018. It is one of the fastest-growing enterprise software, that initially took 13 years to reach 1 million ARR, and later in just 2 years touched the 100 million ARR mark.

  • Many organizations have recently adopted the technology: As reported, automation technology is new to many enterprises. Around 40% of the companies have been using RPAs for the last two years or less, whereas only 15% of others are using it for 5 or more years. If you are still using the traditional methods, it is the perfect time to adopt the Ui Path automation platform.
  • Opportunity for developers: With the growing RPA industry, developers can clearly sense the upcoming opportunities. Around 90% of the developers can observe the industry to do big in the next 4-5 years, and more than 70% of them expect that the companies will appoint a larger number of RPA developers.

Ui Path automation platform is positively expanding its operations, and it is the demand of the hour!

Why choose UI Path technology in 2021?

1. Innovation:

There is no doubt how robotics and automation are making business productive all around the world; it certainly has a positive and notable effect. Besides, various sectors are testing the technology to experience the benefits. Not only banking, insurance and financial services, but automation is also positively accepted by other sectors (hospitality, manufacturing, and many others). It possesses a diverse range of services for its respective industries.

It is resilient and viable for custom business automation requirements, and support improved management.

2. Improved Business ROI:

The implementation of Ui Path robotic process automation will certainly streamline your business operation, resulting in high ROI. It is not about measuring ROI from a financial aspect, but it works with various elements such as improved productivity, enhanced performance, manpower saving etc.

It conserves a lot more than we expect:
– Accelerate business operations
– Managing human and robotic simultaneously
– AI integration
– Inclusive templates
– Hassle-free configuration

3. Key Characteristics:

Companies cannot ignore any advancement that dispenses lavish characteristics in connecting and retaining clients. Let’s check some of the major Ui Path features below:

– UI involvement: These systems can act like a human and get involved in various tasks like entering data in fields, push buttons, scrolling, fetching information etc. There are scripts that are used to command software robots for specific tasks.
– Handling large sets of data: The technology is not limited to small data entries, but it also supports long hours of repetitive work. The goal is to provide more output with error-free work.
– Learning abilities: With the existence of AI and Machine Learning, the RPA software keeps educating itself on the various processes. That means, the system understands the algorithm and works on the tasks without the developer’s help but using its own experience.

4. Enhanced Security:

Modern technology comes with high-end security. As the programmed bots perform only the respective assigned task, they have nothing to do with the organization’s other data. Plus, there is nothing to worry about data loss or leak, as we can customize the data permission and controls. Using RPA programs is a secure option as it adds security to your company data; the bots work on our instructions and do not navigate or look into private files and folders.

5. Tracking:

For any business, it is imperative to review the performance of its operations. Similarly, Ui Path comes with advanced analytical features that are used by enterprises to track performance, accuracy, work volume and other intrinsic analysis. The data assist the business to make several micro and macro organizational decisions and support them in improvement.

This allows the organization to see a clear picture of what’s happening in-house, and aid in setting future goals.

Ui Path completes your search for the perfect RPA solutions!

Important note:

Ui Path is continuously increasing its offering and services which makes it a reliable RPA solution in the market. The industry is new and there is a lot that we can expect from the technology to attract more IT companies and businesses.

Nevertheless, if you already have an effective IT setup, the RPA system will be considered as a user-friendly solution for your automation requirement.

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