5 things Non-Profits should know about Mobile App Development

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Nonprofit organizations are generally non tech, non mobile focused legal entities which are created & operated for public and social benefits. The aim of non profits is to not generate profit for its owners like other companies rather the aim is to work towards a social cause and provide wider public benefit.

Nonprofit legal entities have a need to reach a wide set of population to extend the maximum benefit and this is exactly where an efficient and high tech website and a mobile application can help maximize this reach by providing an opportunity and a platform to connect with the millions of people across the globe. UI rich, user friendly mobile application and interactive, intuitive web design and development solutions can bring wonders for non profits in achieving their mission and vision.

Confused? Let’s help!

In the digital era, every organization is trusting mobile apps. Having a website is not enough, as you will still find challenges reaching your audience. Whereas, a mobile application is an interesting way to interact with people. It makes it much easier for your members to engage, communicate and obtain information.

In addition, mobile apps create a user-friendly digital environment for your users, so that they can get updates and join respective events. Overall, the apps benefit to agile the complete process.

How does an NGO app helps the social organization?

There are numerous ways that a mobile app for non profit organization facilitates its users. It not only provides them extra benefits, but also expedites the operations. The customized mobile application helps in:

[1] Online payments: If you are still using the traditional payment methods for your non profit enterprise, it is the correct time to move to a mobile platform. The platform benefits the organization to receive the grants for non profits online; with an easy and secure payment system. Hence, a member can make hassle-free transactions from anywhere.

[2] Easy to access: People cannot carry a laptop or a PC everywhere. Moreover, we are so busy that we don’t have time to visit a website link and navigate different options. Consequently, mobile apps are time savers and easy to access products.

[3] Member tracking: For organizations, it is imperative to keep a record of their members. In order to use the nonprofit phone application, a user needs to create an account first. That means, the organization knows how many members are getting associated with them; which would help in contributing to any social cause.

[4] Dedicated user account: Not only for the organization, but the apps are also effective for the donors. The users get a dedicated account which provides a detailed summary of the social events and other activities (payment history, contact details etc.).

5 Intrinsic reasons to have Non-Profit App Development for your NGO

A mobile app is not only a fundraising app or cash app for non profit; it offers a lot more than we expect. A dynamic app development creates an intuitive environment for its members to understand the non-profit and its vision.

So, what makes a phone application fruitful to your organization? Let’s check below:

1- Enhanced communication:

Communication is the key in any relationship. Especially for nonprofit firms, it is integral to stay connected with the members. A mobile application for non profit services makes it convenient for contributors to communicate with the team anytime. The in-app feature results in clear and persistent contact among the different parties (donors, organization and team members).

2- Growth in donations:

If your nonprofit has an extra payment medium, then it will certainly result in more donations/revenue. Indeed, people feel safe and trust mobile apps for payments nowadays. Digital payment setups such as website pages, payment portals and donation apps are easy-breezy and take little time. The immediate payment process encourages more people to contribute for the social cause.

3- Enhanced visibility:

Once you launch yourself on the digital platform, you can undoubtedly promote your social events through it. Having a mobile app means that you are travelling with people, wherever they go. They have less reasons to miss out any event notification. Additionally, these digital apps can immensely support in filling up the volunteer opportunities. Everything is visible on the app!

4- Connecting with volunteers:

As per sources, more than 25% of the volunteers connect with non profits via smartphones or tablets. A well organized mobile app facilitates people to know about your organization online. These volunteers are supportive and play a constructive role in assisting the social cause.

5- Prevent cyber attacks:

This is vital. With the growing technology, the number of cyber attacks are also increasing. Indeed, people appear skeptical when they receive a payment link in email or are told to transfer a sum of money to a bank account. Besides, you put your card details on the internet browser which might be not safe. Comparatively, mobile apps are risk-free and people find it favorable.

Digitalization is the future and every organization (both corporate and non-profit) is adopting the mobile web strategy to stay at the top. Mobile app development is an eminent opportunity for enterprises to walk along the modern trends and accomplish their objectives.

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