How much does it cost to develop a Mobile App in USA?

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It’s the second month that we have stepped into the new year, 2021. It’s not only a start to a new year, but also a beginning of a new decade. Now, people are less into the pandemic effect, and working on their career and organizational goals. Everything is getting back to normal. The pandemic year has taught us many integral elements. One of the major impacts that we observed about businesses was, they were all moving to the online platforms (websites, mobile apps and social media). Amidst pandemic, web and mobile app development companies in USA were actually functioning to save businesses.

Moreover, organizations are adopting work-from-home culture; everyone showed trust in technology. Indeed, digitalization is the future!

From an organization’s viewpoint, everyone wants to reach a large set of people. So, how do modern companies consign their services to their clients? What is the medium that helps the users to view the services and obtain the same?

Effectively, it’s a mobile application.

Why is Mobile Application important for your business?

Generally, people are so overwhelmed that they don’t even have time to open their system and book any services. Everyone relies on mobile phones. Not only compass, calculator, torch and maps, but your phone also contains a diverse range of service apps such as Uber, Whatsapp, Amazon etc.

Mobile applications are the new solution to the modern-busy life; every service is just a few finger taps away!

Interestingly, there are around 2 million applications in the Apple store and around 2.9 million apps in the Google Play store. The growing numbers are an indication that phone applications have become a leading member of the digital family.

On phone applications, the primary thought which appears in everyone’s mind is, “How much cost is involved in developing an app?” Consequently, we get a quick response from the mobile app developers which is “It depends.”

How to develop an app?

To know about the development of an app, you can certainly check our blog: 7 step guide to mobile app design and development

Besides, mobile app development costs a general fee according to the functionalities and app features.

How much does an app development cost?

The digital market is gradually growing. There are no certain fees or mobile application costs for an mobile application developer in USA. Mostly developers work on hourly rates i.e. different in every country. Generally, a mobile app development project varies from USD 5k to USD 250k (based on the total number of hours). Similarly, the hourly rate depends as per the expertise of the mobile app developer.

*The rate may go higher as per the complexity of the mobile app request.

The estimated rate list according to the different countries:

1) US/Canada: USD 20 to 250 per hour
2) Europe: USD 20 to 110 per hour
3) India: USD 10 to 18 per hour
4) Indonesia: USD 20 per hour

As per the rates, we can review that mobile app development companies in USA will be expensive compared to mobile app development companies in India.

To understand this precisely, let’s learn about the different mobile development phases below:

1) Wireframing – 20-25 Hours
2) Visual Design – 30-35 Hours
3) UX Design – 20-25 Hours
4) Backend infrastructure and admin panel – 60+ Hours
5) Third Party APIs – 20-25 Hours
6) Basic controls – 10+ Hours
7) Dedicated administration panel – 40+ Hours

The above 7 phases are used to create the design, buttons, logics and add functionalities; which consumes a good amount of time. The list will certainly assist you to understand the calculation behind the phone application development.

Alongside, if you are planning to get a complex app, it will add advanced coding and various third party APIs to the development process; which will evidently raise the cost.

What are the different types of Mobile Apps and their price difference?

[1] Standalone app: USD 800+
These are the most general mobile applications with minimal functionality. These apps don’t ever require network connection to operate. Indeed, they are less popular compared to the modern mobile apps. Examples of standalone apps are camera apps, torch, settings etc.

[2] General Utility app: USD 1200+
These apps are basic. They use the data and help you with the required information. Besides, they do not require any login or account details. The apps use the internet services and provide the necessary update in the app. Some app examples are calendar, maps, weather and temperature etc.

[3] Account oriented apps: USD 1500+
Nowadays, this app type is very popular. In order to access the services, users need to create an account and login to their customized services.

[4] Social media apps: USD 3500+
Apps which support you to interact with other users and grow your social relationship comes under this category. The craze for these mobile apps are uncontrolled. There is no need to brief about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media apps.

[5] e-Commerce apps: USD 1500+
This app type is widely used by the people. e-Commerce apps display you a list of products which you can even order using the platform. Moreover, it includes a secure payment gateway. There are many other functionalities as per the shopping needs. App examples are Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc.

[6] On-demand apps: USD 3000+
Modern day issues have advanced digital solutions. In these apps, the backend works on-demand for the users, whenever they request a service. “Uber” is the best example to describe on-demand apps. Have you noticed how quickly a cab reaches you after making a booking on the app? This is only possible due to the advanced development and improved user interface.

Innovation at its best!

We are already using mobile apps to control various electronic devices (TV, AC, Music players etc.). Internet calling, free texts across the globe and video calls; these are some of the examples which show how technology can be transformed into mobile applications for people’s well-being. We are moving too quickly and the future is unpredictable!

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