7 Reasons why Non Profit Organization need a Mobile App Development

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Non profit organizations are one of the imperative elements in every nation’s development. Their contributions for underprivileged people in terms of education, health, food and shelter cannot be ignored. The objective of these selfless groups is to dispense basic essentials to people. The efforts of the nonprofit organizations are changing the world and making it a better place.

How do these Non-Profit Organizations work? Where do they get funding from?

Interestingly, to support these social groups, there are many virtuous donors who contribute from their earnings. The non-profits depend on their donors, and one of their major responsibilities is to raise funds for people’s wellbeing.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds!

There are hundreds and thousands of NGO’s in every country which make it difficult for many organizations to run their operations properly. Donors are limited with their contributions as one person supports a minimum number of the non-profit events.

There is nothing wrong if we say that there is an indirect competition among these organizations. Moreover, there are several concerns when we actually talk to a new person for membership. 

Mobile App Development: The modern solution!

In the modern world, every group has a well-maintained website and is doing pretty well on digital social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages). However, there is a lot more to implement.

Nonprofit groups are found to be inflexible when it comes to adopting new strategies. Many of the organizations are still using the email campaigns to generate online donations; people usually avoid these emails and it stays unread in our inbox or trash folder.

For effective marketing, we need to walk around the trend. Positively, non-profit organizations are moving to mobile web applications to reach a large group of people. Everyone uses a mobile phone and it increases the opportunity to connect with new people. Mobile solutions are the eminent way to share your social message to the world.

A well-customized mobile application for non profit organizations is meant to be a clear face of your services. The app development services connect your organization with the global platform and assist in generating direct revenue.

Here are 7 Reasons why Mobile App for Non-Profit organization is the need of the hour:

With the utmost goal to provide a safer payment platform to the donors, fundraising app or non profit apps cater many other operational benefits. Let’s check the top reasons why to compute non profit app development for your organization:

[1] Data Collection:

For non-profits, it is imperative to record their donors’ information. Organizations may need to contact them on different intervals to update them on new events and other information. Indeed, it becomes inconvenient to manage everything manually; it consumes a lot of time and energy. The digital phone application automates the whole process and provides an error-free precise data.

2] Research and visibility:

How do you promote your NGO? Though it is a non-profit, we still need to adopt several marketing strategies to make it visible and reach it to maximum people, agree?

If your non profit app gets displayed on different app stores (Google play store and Apple store), it will certainly allows more people to discover and connect with the community. In addition, people can check other users’ reviews about the organization in the app store; this allows them to choose you over other non-profits.

[3] Raising Funds & Accepting donations

To keep the organization running, a nonprofit community needs to raise frequent funds. This is the uttermost operational duty of the selfless group. Instead of depending on other third party payment services, you can positively deal with the hassle-free payment system with phone applications. Besides, you can ignore the payment limitations that you face in the existing fund raising facility.

With mobile applications, you can effortlessly accept grants for non profits online. Additionally, it provides a secure platform to the contributors. Hence, members’ data is safe with these digital applications.

[4] Learning & capacity building for supervisors and workers:

Another challenge faced by any nonprofit group is to manage the social fundraising events. Importantly, it requires supportive staff, supervisors and other associates to have a successful social program. As the organization deals with nonprofit approach, they spend less on hiring outside professionals, and administrate the program with the help of its members and donors. Consequently, non profit mobile apps will notify each member about the respective events and their job responsibilities; a constructive way to communicate with the members.

[5] Coaching and study material:

There is a lot which we can expect from these modern mobile apps. The web and mobile app development services have gone so far that you can even provide coaching and training through it. Additionally, you can share study materials and useful tutorials with the indigents. Hence, the digital app will educate the members and assist them to learn a new skill.

[6] Building community:

It’s not just taking money out of people’s pockets, but the objective of non-profits is to bring people together for a social cause. A mobile app is an eminent community building platform which allows the donors and members to take part in several decision making and as for their suggestions. The in app features involve easy communication and connect the members with each event.

[7] Promote products and services:

Many nonprofits sell products and services to generate revenues; handmade bags, jewellery, paintings etc. Accordingly, the organization can list their sellable items on the mobile app and encourage people to buy them. Obviously, the revenue will be used for the social cause!

This is not just a charity or donation app! A customized mobile app offers a lot to the members, donors and the organization!

Check out how much does it costs to develop a mobile app?

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Why do organizations need mobile apps?

Organizations often need mobile apps to enhance their outreach, improve communication, and provide convenient access to services or information for their users. Mobile apps can help organizations stay connected with their audience, streamline processes, and offer a more engaging user experience.


Do NGOs have apps?

Yes, many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) have developed mobile apps to improve their communication, engage with supporters, and efficiently deliver their services or information.

Can an app be non-profit?

Yes, an app can be developed and operated by a non-profit organization, serving a charitable or social cause. Such apps are often created to facilitate awareness, raise funds, or provide services to support the mission of the non-profit.

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